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Prescription Glasses – Protecting Your Eyes And Enhancing Your Vision

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Having your vision checked is as important as have an annual health or dental check up, yet not enough people have a yearly vision examination. This can be a dangerous exam to skip because, as with many illnesses, early detection is the key to good eye health. Some health issues that can be found during your eye exam include: Autoimmune disorders Diabetes High cholesterol Hypertension…


Designer Frames & Eyeglasses Flaunt Confidently With a New Trendy Look

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Eyeglasses are more than just a way to correct your vision. The right frames can complement your facial features and make a fashion statement. At Weston Eye Center, we are committed to helping every patient improve their vision and look great at the same time. Here are the top 2018 trendy glasses styles and colors plus some tips on finding the right shape for your…


How to Choose the Best Corrective Eyewear for You

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People are mostly recognized by their faces, so choosing the right eyeglasses is one way we can define our identity. For people who wear prescription glasses regularly, they are part medical device and part fashion accessory. Do you want to appear youthful, fun-loving, conservative or hip and stylish? You glasses can tell the world a lot about you. Choosing corrective eyewear might seem like a…


Designer Sunglasses for Women Who Want To Make a Bold Statement

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Few objects scream summer more than an awesome pair of sunglasses. There are tons of shades out there from which you can choose. They come in different colors, sizes and styles. So, there should be no problem finding a pair that suits you. If you are a woman who is trying to make a bold statement with your next pair of designer sunglasses, here are…


The Best Contact Lenses for Occasional Use

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Many people in the United States and around the world rely on eyeglasses to help them see better. Many people do not like the idea of wearing glasses all day every day and instead opt for contact lenses to correct their vision. But, what about those people in the middle of two extremes? What is the best option for people who like wearing their glasses…


Weston MA, the Optical Store of Choice is Weston EyeCare

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Residents of Weston MA are known for their discriminating taste and insistence on quality in all their purchases; whether it is in luxurious homes or the glasses they wear. Weston EyeCare exemplifies this in both their services and their products and, as such, is recognized as the most popular optical store in Weston. Why Weston EyeCare Is the Preferred Choice for Optical Services in Weston…


How to Choose the Best Lenses for Your Glasses

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When choosing the best lenses for your glasses, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. The lenses in a pair of glasses are just an unique as the wearer. That’s why figuring out how to choose the best lenses for your glasses can sometimes be difficult. Although there isn’t a universal answer, today’s article will show you three main things to focus on when choosing the best lenses…


Healthy Eyes with the Help of Optometrists

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You visit your doctor and dentist for regular checkups, right? It is also important to get regular checkups for your eyes. If your eyes are healthy, all it takes is an annual exam to keep them healthy. Your optometrist will do a thorough eye exam and adjust your eyeglasses or contact prescription, if needed, to keep your vision sharp. Annual prevention is key for prevention…