Smart Sunwear for Golfers

DEFINITY Lenses: Perfect for Golfers!


Golf lenses

Now there is a DEFINITY® progressive lens designed specifically for golfers, with unique features to improve visual performance in every aspect of the game: DEFINITY FAIRWAY™ Transitions Performance Sunwear™ lenses.

Optimized with innovative features to help golfers see better and
play smarter

With DEFINITY FAIRWAY Transitions Performance Sunwear lenses, you get:

  • Transitions Performance Sunwear lenses, which automatically adjust to all outdoor sun conditions
  • Exclusive amber tint that complements the green and enhances colors and contrasts on the course
  • Crizal SunShield UV™, the most scratch-resistant, smudge-resistant, easy-to-clean protective coating sun lens available
  • 100% blockage of UVA and UVB rays

In golf, the most important equipment is between the ears

Wear DEFINITY FAIRWAY lenses to smarten the game and conquer the course:

  • Read greens better in any sun condition
  • See the ball more clearly through all zones of vision
  • Optimize performance

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