Hey, nearsighted friends – eyebobs loves you too! All our frames are optical quality which means the reading lenses can be replaced with your prescription by a qualified optician. Yup, you heard that right, PRESCRIPTION EYEBOBS!!! Progressive lenses, prescription sun, bifocals…you name it. Nearly any prescription can be put in an eyebobs frame. Here’s a step-by step guide that will take you from sad and spec-less to cool custom eyewear:

  1. Pick out your frames (clearly this is the fun step). You’ve got your choice of nearly anything you see on, so go nuts! Be aware, not all frames are suitable for all prescriptions (example: frames with tiny lenses won’t accommodate a trifocal prescription that requires a larger lens area). You’ll find detailed frame measurements on each item on our site. We’re thorough like that. Your optician can tell if you if there are any specific size requirements for your unique prescription.
  2. Order your frames, choosing the “for prescription” option under the reading glass lens power menu. This will allow us to send you the magnification we have the most stock in. All our frames come with a reading lens in them – we don’t make clear or ‘placeholder’ lenses, or ship frames without lenses. An optician should have no problem removing the reading lenses. If they have questions, they can call our offices and we’ll do our best to guide them through the process.
  3. Many optical stores that carry our line are willing to help. Bear in mind, some optical stores are not comfortable working on a frame that they did not sell you. If they tell you it can’t be done, just try another optical – your persistence will pay off in the form of cool, custom eyewear!
  4. Visit your optician of choice with new eyebobs in hand. They will remove the reading lenses and replace with your prescription.
  5. Enjoy your new life as a fashion icon. The minute you put those new prescription eyebobs on your face you’ll be the envy of bespectacled hipsters everywhere. They’re going to ask you where you got your supercool glasses – make sure to tell them “EYEBOBS!”.

Now that we’ve gone and made getting fashionable custom eyewear super easy and affordable, you can even get more than one pair! Don’t make shopping for prescription eyewear a one-time event. Just like a perfect pair of shoes or statement jewelry, glasses can make the outfit. It just makes sense to have a wardrobe of glasses to go with every look in your closet.