Online Eyewear


An increasing number of people are now asking their Optician questions concerning purchasing eyewear on-line. The inquiries include asking for opinions concerning the quality of a certain frame, the taking of proper measurements and for adjustments once the eyeglasses are received in the mail.

It is hard not to notice that while price is often a motivating factor, the satisfaction of the products ranges from good to downright abysmal. While this range in perception would most likely send up a red flag in any self-respecting optical shop, the online eye wear business seems to be thriving amid these conditions.

Trade magazines in the optical industry seem to often discuss “the perils of online eyeglasses”. Some studies in fact have found low quality and improperly filled prescriptions to be the norm. A 2010 report from the American Optometric Association (AOA) found nearly half of all online spectacle orders to be incorrect, or unsafe! Others have suggested that the online eye wear industry is indeed providing a useful service for many single-vision wearers.

Online optical retailing has been around for some time now and is not going to go away. As it runs through a cycle which so many other alternative eyeglass channels have, it is a great opportunity to discuss the value of what a licensed Optician can add to the quality of your eyewear. The dispensing process remains a vital and necessary step in the manufacture and delivery of eyewear to best ensure the health and safety of patients who wear spectacles. Members of the public who engage in the purchase of eyewear without an active, personal dispensing process by a trained professional might not receive a product of equal performance, value, or safety.