Oakley New Lens


Oakley has introduced Prizm, a sunlens that is engineered to increase contrast by boosting specific colors where the eye has peak sensitivity to detail and blocking the rest of the light. The result is enhanced visibility of detail and contours that are not washed out as they are with traditional lenses, according to Oakley.

Wearer: Because this is achieved through color science and not a physical change in light transmission like other lenses, wearers don’t have to wait for the lens to adjust to the changing light conditions, making it excellent for high speed downhill skiing with rapid changes between shade and intense sunlight.

Specifics: Prizm is initially available in Oakley snow goggles Prizm Rose, Prizm Black Iridium and Prizm Jade Iridium tints.

Prizm lenses work over a wider range of light conditions, so wearers don’t need to switch lenses as conditions change. By blocking all but the “good light,” Prizm lenses let less total light through than traditional lenses, so they are more comfortable in bright light. In shade or low light, Prizm lenses still let all of the “good light” so wearers retain enhanced visibility and detail, according to the company.