Modo knows it best..


You’re no friend of ballast and burden? Then, MODO‘s Ultra TR 90 might be the right asset for you. It’s one of the lightest frames in the world. MODO’s Paper-Thin Titanium frames are made with 0.6 mm-thick Beta Titanium 153, and combine the lightness and strength of Titanium with the utmost flexibility. With outstanding memory, the frame will always return to its original shape. It is so light you don’t even feel like it’s there. 0.6 mm thin beta titanium means absolute comfort, as the frame perfectly adapts to the shape of your face.

Manufacturing Paper Thin Titanium requires a great deal of laser technology as well as high precision bending equipment to turn a two-dimensional laser-cut shape into a paper-thin titanium frame. The TR 90 Ultra 2.1 mm thick material, used for the eye-wire rims, is first injected into a sheet and then cut with precision drills to carve a perfect groove.


Summer 2017. MODO updated the Paper-Thin Ultra collection with 4 new Optical and 2 new Sun shapes. As always, the frames are pretty colorful due to the ultra-thin 1.6 mm polyamide rim insert. And did you know, that it is possible to insert a regular lens on the 0.6 mm thick Beta Titanium eye wire?

titanium laser cuttin

The Summer update does not only offer frames for her and him, but also unisex designs like the 4410. A pantos design available with a grey tortoise rim on royal blue titanium, burgundy on silver, brown tortoise on gold, or a black on black combination.