Frame of the week - Christian Dior 1969


Christian Dior first optyl sunglasses 1969

Christian Dior is a name that evokes in the mind luxury and eternal chic. The story of the brand's eyewear history is one steeped in glamour. One of the fashion world's most influential and long serving style setters, Christian Dior was the first major fashion house to branch out into eyewear design, launching it's first collection under licence during the 1960's.

The first Christian Dior sunglasses made of optyl, the miracle resin that was supposed to supplant cellulose acetate. They date from about 1969.

Dior was revolutionary in that it elevated eyewear into a fashion accessory. The brand garnered much attention for it's glasses and sunglasses designs as it was the first to use visible logo detail on eyewear. This appealed to the increasingly image conscious fashionistas of the 60s and 70s. Christian Diors' oversized styles were much imitated by other fashion houses wishing to follow suit but the brands' glasses and sunglasses, made from a then revolutionary new platstic called Optyl in 1969 which created a sensuous 3D effect, and embelleshed with luxury detail such as enamelling and gemstones, had the edge in the sophistication stakes.