Every Office Worker Needs To Read This…


Is taking care of your body important to you? Maybe you go to the gym, or you aim to eat healthily. Perhaps you’ve taken up a new hobby for the New Year to become a better, healthier you. But what are you doing for your eyes?

Our eyes are just as important as our bodies. They work just as hard as we do, and after a long day sitting in the office, reading emails and scrolling through our iPads, it’s no wonder we’re feeling more eye-strain than ever once the day is over.

First things first, take a moment to yourself. If you wear glasses, remove them. Loosen up your shoulders and neck, take a deep breath, and relax.

Done that? Great. Remember that all exercises are intended to be done with your eyes closed.

Ready to start?

  1. Now, keeping your eyes shut, slowly look up and down. Repeat this action three times.Take a moment, breathe deeply, and you’re ready for the next exercise.
  2. Eyes closed, look slowly to the left and right. Repeat three times.Are you feeling a bit more relaxed? Ok, final exercise.
  3. Keeping your eyelids closed, do a clockwise motion with your eyes, then circle them anticlockwise. Again, repeat this action three times.

Ok, open your eyes. You’re done!

Repeat these three exercises whenever your eyes are feeling the pressure. Remember to take breaks from your computer screen every twenty minutes, and look into the distance for twenty seconds, to avoid damaging your vision.

We hope you’re feeling better!